Elastic Surgery


Elastic Surgery is the common term for non-surgical cosmetic procedures.
These alternative forms of plastic surgery are often non-invasive, meaning
there is no knife involved. Hence the term "Elastic surgery."
Unlike plastic surgery, Elastic surgery includes several non-surgical cosmetic
procedures such as: Dermal Fillers, Chemical Peels, Facial Aesthetic Devices,
Liquid Face Lifts, Body Contouring Tools, and more... All designed to stop
the aging process, while reviving your youthful appearance.

Body Contouring Devices - Non-invasive utrasonic device used to liquify the fat tissue.Considered a liposuction alternative.

Aesthetic Device - Light or Radio Frequency device showers the skin. Reducing wrinkles or lifting brows.

Chemical Peels - Glycolic or Lactic Peels applied to skin to treat: wrinkles, areas of mispigmentation, even acne.

Photofacials - Series of light pulses intended to improve the appearance of sun damaged and aged skin.

Liquid Facelifts - Facial Application helps to form collagen which helps lift fine lines, lighten age spots and smooth wrinkles.

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Elastic Surgery... More nonsurgical procedures: Thermage, Contour
ThreadLift, Fraxel Laser Treatment, Restylane Injections, Hylaform Injections,
Microdermabrasion. Elastic Surgery

Companies currently in the market: Allergan, Aventis, Ipsen, LipoSonix,
UltraShape, Candela, BioForm, Syneron, Nu Image, Medicis Pharmaceutical,
Quill Medical, and Reliant Technologies.

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